Church Planting Coaches

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Weston Brown

My name is Weston Brown, and I have served for nearly twenty years as a pastor, non-profit director, and church planter in contexts large and small. Currently, I am the founding pastor of Covenant Shreveport in Shreveport, LA, ( and Executive Director of Continuum Network, a coaching and consulting ministry (

I love coaching pastors and ministry leaders, and I am a certified coach through CMM (Church Multiplication Ministries), a member of the International Coaching Federation, and a licensed trainer of the COACH Model for Christian Leaders. I studied literature at Louisiana Tech University and theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently, I am completing a DMin in Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary in Louisville.

I have been married to Lindsay for nearly fifteen years, and together we homeschool our five daughters who range in age from 12 to 1.

Brian Burman

Brian serves as the Executive Director of Strategic Leaders Group ( His coaching experience includes leadership teams, governance boards, corporate high-level leaders and pastors. He is the Coaching Coordinator for the Excel Leadership Network and formerly served as the Senior Associate Pastor at Gate Way Church ( in Visalia, CA. Brian earned a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and attended Western Seminary.


Matt & Carrie Dilley

Matt and Carrie Dilley live in Plainfield, Indiana, with their two children, Jackson (15) and Bailey (13). They enjoy playing board games, watching movies, and going to Disneyland.

They planted Tribe Church in September of 2018 in Plainfield Indiana just outside of Indianapolis ( . They started coaching in January of 2022 and they love to work together as a couple to come alongside others that co-lead.

Matt’s StrengthFinder top 5 are Activator / Strategic / Ideation / Learner / Connectedness.

Carrie’s Strength Finder top 5 are Includer / Woo / Communication / Positivity / Ideation.

Both Carrie and Matt are passionate about church planting! They want to help planters succeed for the long haul. But, while they want the best for your church more than anything, they want the best for your family.

Andy Elliott

Born, raised, and married in Portland, OR. I moved to Austin as a parachute church planter in 2019 with my courageous wife of 26 years. We have 4 bio kids and 1 adopted. My “hobby time” is spent watching my son’s sports, helping my daughters with their entrepreneurial plans, keeping up with a toddler who thinks I live to make her life complete, and enjoying time with my amazing wife.

Outside of that, I love partnering with God to build His church and helping new planters get after it and do the same! I have had the privilege of planting two churches in the last 10 years. The first is in Bend, OR as the associate pastor, and the second is in the Austin, TX ( area as the lead planting pastor. Prior to planting churches, I spent 20 years as an entrepreneur starting and developing delis, coffee shops, children’s toy stores, and furniture stores.

My coaching experience includes 10+ years of coaching entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit ministries, and church planters.

My top five strengths are Achiever, Learner, Individualization, Strategic, and Arranger.

I have always had a passion for helping people develop their God-given destinies. My deepest passion is for church planters because their success creates room for many others to find Jesus and thrive in their own ministry giftings.

Amanda Geller

I have been married for 20 years to the love of my life Simon Geller. We have 6 amazing children. Four boys and two girls. Ranging from age 9-23. Two of my children are very athletic so I have become the cheerleader while my husband has often taken the role of coach. My husband Simon and I lived in Battle Ground, WA for 13 years where my husband was a police officer and I worked for American Airlines.

We felt the Lord leading us to plant a church. In the summer of 2015, we moved to Livingston, Texas to start Life Vine Church ( . We had never been on staff in ministry in any capacity, but we knew we had heard from the Lord. What a journey it has been. God has been beyond faithful.

Life coaching is something I have always done, just not in a professional way. In 2020, I began to feel the Lord moving me from my current job of 25 years with American Airlines to helping others achieve their goals. I began to take classes to become a certified life coach. I recently retired from my long-time career to fulfill what God is calling me to now which is to coach church planters. Having had firsthand experience at church planting, I find myself passionate and experienced with the process. I feel very led to help those on the path to leading in ministry while following the leading of the Lord with their personal goals.

My top five strengths are harmony, relator, connectedness, restorative, and communication.

Being a church planter myself I have a big heart for church planters. Especially those who have had no prior experience just following the leading of the Lord. It takes courage and boldness to step out in blind faith and go where God called you to build something from the ground up. It is an incredible honor to coach someone through the process of building God’s kingdom. As a mom who worked full-time while planting a church, I have had to learn to wear many hats while simultaneously keeping my eyes on Jesus. I am incredibly zealous to copartner with women in ministry to help coach them toward their goals.

Simon Geller

My name is Simon Geller and I have been married for over twenty years to Amanda Geller. We have six children together ranging from 23 to 9. I live in Livingston, Texas where we planted Life Vine Church ( seven years ago in a rural community.

Church planting has been the most rewarding and hardest thing I have ever done and because of that, I am committed to helping people plant churches. I have helped plant multiple churches over the last five years and am excited to continue to watch new churches get planted and grow those that are planted.

I have been a sports coach for multiple sports and continue coaching today while also working with pastors one-on-one to encourage them and help them accomplish their goals. It is my heart to see every church planter succeed in the vision God has given them and I believe one of the absolute ways to do this is through having a coach. I personally have a coach and have been blessed by the help it has been to me and the church.

My top five strength finders are Woo, Positivity, Includer, Communication, and Developer.

This means I am “super excited” about you and will be “excited about your dreams”. I am “there for you” and will “communicate clearly” and celebrate with you on “your growth.”  So, in short, I am a super excited cheerleader that believes in you and wants to see you succeed in all things God has called you to do!

Chris Hall

Chris and his wife Sierra have two young adult children and currently live in Ventura, CA. Chris Hall is the Planter and Lead Pastor of Catalyst Church in Santa Paula, CA – a “church for people who don’t like church” that he and his wife started in Ventura, CA in 2007 (

Throughout his 25 years of full-time ministry, Chris has experienced virtually every aspect of what it means to be a pastor and planter. Chris brings to the table his personal experiences in church planting, multi-site ministry, churches planting churches, church mergers, churches starting preschools and after-school programs, personal burnout, strategic planning, leading a large staff, and doing it all by himself.

My top 5 strengths are WOO, Communication, Input, Activator, and Arranger.

Chris’s combination of love for planters, heart for effective leadership, and ministry experience help bring the best out of others.

Jim Kennon

Jim Kennon is the lead pastor and co-planter of Inspire Church in Sun City West, AZ. ( Jim is a certified church planting coach with Transformation Ministries and Excel Leadership Network.

With over 40 years of experience as a lead pastor, Jim has served four churches across the US. In addition to leading Inspire Church, Jim serves as Hub Director and Pastor Mentor Leader for the Arizona TM churches.

Jim says, “I love seeing leaders reach their greater potential. Coaching is all about asking questions that lead people to better understand themselves, clarify their purpose in life and ministry, and help them see the strategies that help them move forward. In a healthy coaching relationship, everyone wins and God’s Kingdom advances.”

His top strengths are Positivity, Maximizer, Communication, Strategic, and Responsibility.

Chan Kwak

Chan is a big Dodgers fan and lives in Compton, CA with an amazing godly wife, three energetic sons, and a beautiful daughter.

He has planted two churches. The first one was in Los Angeles, CA as he served there for eight years until he was sent off to plant a second church in Compton, CA ( The church has been focused on Spirit-filled worship of God, biblical teaching of Christ, and evangelizing to the community for the past four years.

He has been counseling, teaching, and coaching since the age of thirteen, subjects ranging from academics, sports, finance, career, jobs, marriage, Bible, and life. Currently, he coaches an associate pastor whom he meets weekly to pray and minister. He is also a financial coach, helping 3 adults to get back on their life track.

His Top 5 strengths are Futuristic, Achiever, Learner, Intellection, and Responsibility. “My strength is compassion. I have a heart for the lost and those who have passion for the lost.”

“Being a planter is not for everyone. I definitely know this truth firsthand. Yet, for those who are walking this path, God has placed you there for a reason. I would like to be an encouragement and a cheerleader for you to be the best that God desires you to be.”

Daniel Nunez

Daniel Nunez was born and raised in Tijuana, México, and came to Christ when I was 20 years old. I was called into leadership soon after I became a believer, and have served in my local church for almost 20 years. I was sent to the community of El Niño in Tijuana to take over a new church that was planted out of our local church. From there God called me to plant 50 churches! So far, we have planted 46. I identify, train, send and support pastors, meaning that I stay with them through coaching and pastoring them, meeting with them every month.

My top 5 strengths are:

1. Achiever

2. Arranger

3. Positivity

4. Communication

5. Futuristic.

I want to coach pastors because we never stop learning and because they should feel like orphans. I’ve been married for almost 38 years to my lovely wife Yoli. We have two children, Tury and Abbi. Our son Tury now pastors the El Niño church, called “Comunidad Conexion”. He is married to Nallely and they have two boys, Leo and Max. Our daughter, Abbi is leading worship along with her husband, Eliut, for a new TM Church in San Diego called Real Life Church, with pastor Raymond Rojas. Abbi and Eliut have two daughters, Camila and Sofia.

David Ordaz

David has been happily married to Cristina for 18 years, together they have 3 kids, Uziel (17), Eli (16), and Adrielle (12).

Pastor David and Cristina have received the mission to help people experience a personal relationship with God that will lead them to be one with Him, bringing breakthroughs in their lives and a visible transformation. They have also been entrusted to tear down all barriers that are causing divisiveness in the communities they have influence over. They have no doubt that the love of Jesus Christ can bring healing to San Diego and the entire country.

In 2019, with the help of TM and Excel, Pastor David planted ONE Church ( Not only did the church make it through the pandemic years, today the church has around 170 members and is growing. Pastor David is proud to be part of this amazing organization and is looking forward to coaching and mentoring the next generation of church planters.

David’s top 5 strengths are Achiever, Discipline, Maximizer, Communication, and Strategic.

“I believe in the Biblical vision behind church planting and know firsthand the impact that the “right people” have on church planters. I want to help.”

Lori Pearring

Hello there! I am Lori Pearring. I have 1 husband, 4 married children, and 13 grandchildren. I have had the privilege of homeschooling some of my kids and grandkids. It is a busy world, but my heart is full! We have started 3 churches, one in Colorado and two in northern CA. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been doing professional counseling and coaching since 2009. I work with men, women, and couples. I love it when I get to use my clinical training, experience, and spiritual passion together! I also work with pastors and couples during the Discovery Center as well as in my private practice.

My strength themes are developer, activator, includer, strategic, and woo.

My Foundational voice is Creative Connector (in Giant TV’s 5 Voices). Having been married for over 4 decades, I am grateful to be married to my best friend! But it has not always been like this! I know what it is like to be so depleted, trying to please everyone and having no time or energy for myself. I was overwhelmed with caring for my marriage, family, and the church and although I love ministry, it was getting harder to hide my exhaustion. I believe I can help you identify and leverage your priorities to align your actions with your values. Your life will be richer and more peaceful as you intentionally connect with God, yourself, and others.

I would consider it a privilege to walk alongside you, Lori

Ken Primeau

Ken and his wife Carolyn lead Mercy Road Church Northeast ( located in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana. Having spent most of their lives in California, they moved with four young children to the Midwest in February of 2020 to be a part of a church planting movement in Indiana and planted Mercy Road Northeast in September 2020. The church has experienced tremendous growth and has been reaching people far from God and discipling them into a passionate relationship with Jesus. This is the second church plant that the Primeau’s have done, and they have learned a lot of valuable lessons from both experiences that they are happy to pass on to other planters.

Ken wants to coach planters because he has a unique ability to encourage leaders while also speaking the hard truths into their lives.

Ken’s top 5 strengths finders are Achiever, Learner, Input, Intellection, and Individualization.