Pastor Mentor Groups

Pastor Mentor Groups have been created to help pastors lead well by providing a place that is both highly relational and safe–a place where pastors can learn and grow.

While all of the groups are organized around the three C’s: character, content and competency, each group tailors its meeting to most effectively meet the needs of the pastors involved. Seasoned pastors with a Kingdom heart serve as the Mentor Pastors.

  • Character – the people we need to become
  • Content – the paradigms we need to understand
  • Competencies – the skills we need to master 

TM Pastor Mentor Groups:

Area Group Mentor
Riverside, CA Women Pastors Karin Mazzeo
Pomona, CA Worship Pastors Jay Walden
Pomona, CA Associate Pastors Gregg Svalstad
Crestline, CA Solo Pastors Bill Mellinger
Bakersfield, CA Lead Pastors Keith Fultz
Inland Empire, CA Lead Pastors Glenn Layne
Lynwood, CA African American Pastors John Hopkins
North Orange County, CA Lead Pastors Bill Staffieri
South Orange County, CA Lead Pastors Ty Guy
Greater Phoenix, AZ Lead Pastors Jim Kennon
Santa Paula Valley, CA Lead Pastors Chris Hall
San Bernardino Mountains, CA Lead Pastors Jack Hamilton
San Diego, CA Lead Pastors Doug Meye