Learning to Live
and Lead like Jesus

Local Church-Based

Each church involved assembles at least one group of up to eight participants plus a facilitator who serves as the group leader.  This training is church friendly, practical and life transformative.

Time Commitment

  • Covering 10 months, September-June
  • Individual study and preparation – 2 hours per week
  • Meeting with small group for team building and discussion – 2 hours per week
  • Personal meeting with a mentor – 1 hour bi-weekly
  • Three workshops and two retreats

Participants are encouraged to enroll with a one-year-at-a-time mindset, as each successive level of L3 training is optional.  Year One is critical and is appropriate for all committed Christians.

What Is It?

L3 is a movement within local churches designed to develop Leaders who Live and Lead like Jesus.  Churches can expect to identify, recruit, and develop both present and future leaders toward Christian leadership maturity.

The Mission

To emerge, equip, and enrich Christian leaders who will stay the course for a lifetime of service to God’s Kingdom.

The Vision

To facilitate a church-based, lifelong approach to the identification and development of Christian leaders who will give innovative and servant-hearted leadership to the people of God.

The Process

  • Emerging Phase (Year One) addresses significant issues related to the discipleship and character formation of adult believers.  The process involves daily study, weekly small-group discussion, three workshops, and two overnight retreats.
  • Equipping Phase (Year Two) is for those who discovered or confirmed during Year One that they are called to Christian leadership.  Participants will identify their God-given strengths and develop their direction and strategy for others to follow, learning to lead through a team approach.
  • Enriching Phase (Year Three) prepares participants for the personal and spiritual challenges that must be overcome by leaders who desire to finish well over a lifetime of effective ministry.  This year focuses on the paradigm shift from being effective leaders to becoming effective developers of leaders.


Contact your local church. It is recommend the cost per participant be shared by the individual and the church.
Additional information is available by contacting L3 Administrator, Theary Procaccini.