Mission Giving

Covenanting churches, both individually and working together as TM, live by faith. We believe that as we follow the Lord and obey His instruction, He supplies the needs of our ministries. Churches agree to give a “Church Faith-Share” and, in doing so, support our mission, together.

When each church in covenant with TM equally commits to these three principles, the mission will be greatly strengthened and fully resourced, and the Ministry will be equipped to accomplish three (3) vital things to grow God’s Kingdom:We invite all churches to share the same commitment of faithfulness, generosity, and sacrifice. Each of these  is consistent with the biblical teaching regarding our stewardship. The amount of the TM Mission Giving will differ, from church to church, based on size and capacity, but the commitment and participation to provide three percent (3%) of their operating budgets will be the same throughout, providing a strong financial foundation for the Ministry.

  • Develop pastors;
  • Grow healthy churches; and
  • Multiply through new church planting.
Thank you for your generous gift to TM.
Please send your financial support for TM to:
Transformation Ministries
c/o Missionwell
222 E. Glenarm Street, Suite #B2

Pasadena, California 91106 
Donations to Affiliated or Partner Ministries
TM thanks you in advance, for sending your gifts directly to the partner and affiliate organizations listed below.

  • Atherton Baptist Homes
  • Rainbow Acres
  • Hopi Mission School
  • Disaster Relief Organizations (we will notify you by email of TM’s suggested organization for giving based on the particular disaster)