Church Health
Your church is invited to embark on a process of bringing principle-based clarity, objectivity, measurability, and unity by helping your church to assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to grow the church in healthy and life-transforming ways. The Discovery Weekend is a valuable tool for churches desiring a growth strategy and churches in a pastoral transition.
Pastoral Leadership Transition
A pastoral leadership transition is a critical time for a church to prepare for the new chapter God is opening. No decision made will affect a church’s future as much as the decision of choosing the next pastor. The Ministry is committed to providing coaching and resources to ensure the best possible outcome. One key ingredient to determining your church’s needs and then matching them to qualified candidates is the Discovery Weekend. This special weekend experience will allow your Search Team to:

  • Provide an opportunity for every member and attendee to participate in finding the next pastor
  • Take a “snap shot” of the church’s current reality
  • Discover the church’s strengths and challenges
  • Provide the interim leadership with specific goals during the interim period
  • Discern the specific qualifications needed in the church’s next pastor

The Discovery Weekend is conducted around three (3) main components and concludes with a written report and coaching for the Search Team and church leadership team.

  • Component One: Self-Study Review, completed by leaders
  • Component Two: Church Health Online Survey
  • Component Three: This is an open opportunity for your entire congregation to attend a Focus Group at the church facility.
Discovery Weekend Schedule
The schedule outlined below can be customized based on the church’s situation.


8 am to 4 pm – Focus Groups


The TM Team observes the congregation at worship, learning and fellowship.

The Church Health Online Survey generates a report to be presented and interpreted by a TM Coach to the Search Team and later on to the church board, elders or leadership team. Specific qualities are discerned which will be needed in the church’s next pastor. This information plus the data from the Self-Study Review will be used to write a search profile/prospectus.