Church Health & Development

Ministry Transitions

What’s next has to do with who’s leading the church. During this time we work with your church leadership to help assess with prayerful deliberation who God has been preparing for your church.

Search Team Assistance

We will also work with your search team and walk them through the seven steps of leadership transition.

Succession Planning

Church Health Discovery Process

The CHAD team walks with you through the times of pastoral leadership change, walking you through a Church Discovery Process, and collaborating with you through the entire process.

Transitional & Interim Pastors

We will help you identify pulpit supply and a qualified Transitional Pastor for effective planning for the new pastoral leader’s arrival.

Pulpit Supply


Human Resources Manual

Church Security Audit

Internal Controls Review

Organization Restructure

Conflict Resolution

Analyzes and helps resolve conflict within a church.

Legal Review

Strategic Planning

Consulting Services 

Board Governance & Structure

Moving a church toward a governance model aimed at more effective ministry and results orientation with the goal of WINNING on PURPOSE for CHRIST.

Multisite Churches & Merger

Analyzes and helps resolve conflict within a church.

Worship & Music Weekend

Church Culture

Other Consulting Services:

  • Demographic analysis of your community
  • Financial management
  • Estate and gift design services
  • Organizational clarity
  • Spiritual gifts and strengths finding of the church and people

Church Governance Case Studies