Pastoral Application

Permanent and Transitional Placement

Transformation Ministries maintains profiles of pastors who are seeking to serve in one of our churches by providing a complete set of documents that help us make the best recommendations to our churches.

Pastoral Application

If you are interested in serving in one of our churches, please complete and return the Pastoral Application below. For more information, email us.

The pastoral application contains policy statements that apply to all professional church leaders:

  • Leadership Covenant of Ethical Behavior
  • A Confession of Our Common Faith
  • Declaration on Human Sexuality and the Church
  • Self-Disclosure and Release Form

Next Steps

  • Contact a Church Ministry Coach/Staff who will assist you in the process of application, focusing your ministry objectives, examining your resume, gifts for ministry and personal preferences.
  • TM will discuss opportunities and the search process.
  • Consider your ministry strengths and how these match with those churches seeking a pastor.
  • Once we receive a completed packet of information, we determine the best way to respond. We may make contact with one or more of your references, and we may set up a structured telephone interview with you.